Welcome to Paragon City, Rhode Island

Before the Rikti War, Paragon City was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the world. The Rikti, however, used the City as their center of operations and devastated it in the process. Paragon City has since resurrected itself from the ashes, but has not yet reached the heights of prosperity it knew before war. Many parts of the city remain uninhabitable and dangerous; Paragon City needs a new generation of heroes to take the place of the many champions who perished fighting the Rikti.

This a Campaign using the Hero Unlimited Rules to recreate City of Heroes and City of Villains and Integrate them in the standard Heroes Unlimited world. The campaign is based in Paragon but assume the standard Hero Unlimited universe is also in place. Arachnos live side by side with Fabercators Inc. Since the City of Heroes, ended before it was fully fleshed out in many cases, some characters have details provided by myself. Those wanting only factal details can go to https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page

House information

The most important thing is that every person and group has been assigned an Trait that I calling Motivation. Those that played City of Heroes will reconize them as that game’s Alignment system, as such they might not agree with the assignment I have made but it fits the way I am using it.

Hero – Registered with some government agency and at least to some degree responsive to that agency. Almost alway obey the law. Those registered with Paragon City Hall in some way are also peace officers within Paragon City limits. Normally Batman would be a Hero.

Vigilante – generally a good person fighting crime, potentually more ruthless but generally not an Excutioner. Likley trying to be his own deteriant in at least his or her area. Luke Cage is normally a Vigilante

Rogue – Mercenary are generally this, doing things for a price gets you here, so does having good goals but a willingness to anything for that goals. Both Catwoman and the Punisher are Rogues for different reasons.

Villain – Those with plans that knowinging are evil and do bad things and have bad goals or are naturally evil. The Joker and Magneto both fall in group.

The tag system is used to record this information and other information like Home Dimention, group membership, and non-human races.

House Rules, Alien races and Extra-dimentional Races

House Rules and Races

City Unlimited