Arachnos Assault Rifle Mk III

This is the third version of Assault Rifle

weapon (ranged)

This carbine assault rifle is used by Wolf Spiders are Machined in a number of different Isles in the Rogue Isles. Formally, earlier Mk were made in factories in Brazil and Argentina. This Rifle lays some where in between the AK-74 and M4 in proformance. It is Chambered for the NATO 5.56 mm round

Unit Cost: $500
Cost on the Black market: $5000
Rate of Fire: Standard
Damage: 5D6
Range 350 meters


Arachnos wanted after the take over by Lord Reculse and standardized weapon of their own design. The first mark of the Rifle was prone to over heat even with small amounts of full automatic fire. This caused Jams and occationally could cause the round in the Magazines to go off, often injuring or killing the Wolf Spider. the Mark two fixed that but made it more of a Battle Rifle than Assault and that also included upping the caliber to 7.62mm NATO which cause issues with women and weaker men. The Mark Three returned to the 5.56 MM NATO rounds and improved on the Relability and kept the over heating in check.

Arachnos Assault Rifle Mk III

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