Arachnos Mace

Mace and Energy Weapon in one

weapon (melee)

These come in black and red and grey and red. issues to the more skilled members of the Wolf Spiders and all Bane Spiders this Mace is also a laser weapon. The E clip is build in the hand and is only compatible with Arachnos weapons. The Mace is very sturdy made from a Super Alloy often called Arachnosium.

Cost to Manufacture: $15,000
Black Market Cost: $100,000
Melee Damage 2D6

Rate of File: Standard
Number of shots: 40 half power, 20 full power
Damage: 2d6 Half Power, 4d6 Full power



Developed in the late 90’s this Hybred arms quickly became the standard for the Bane Spiders. Overtime some of the Wolf Spider Officers have managed to get them as well as stocks have expanded. They are Occationally granted to other Super-Villains that are members of Arachnos as well. Noteble example is that Shi no Oni has been know to use one.

Arachnos Mace

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