Arachnos Shot Gun Mk II

Arachnos Shot Gun

weapon (ranged)

This carbine assault rifle is used by Wolf Spiders are Machined in a number of different Isles in the Rogue Isles. These are chambered for 12 gauge Shot or Slug,

Unit Cost: $700
Cost on the Black market: $6000
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic only
Damage: 5D6 Shot 6D6 Slug
Range 75 meters


Arachnos wanted after the take over by Lord Reculse and standardized weapon of their own design. The mark one was a 20 gauge shotgun but that was too light for the needs of Arachnos, unlike the Assault rifle and Sub machine Gun, these have only be made in the Rogue Isles and are very rare anywhere else. The Mark Two comes in both a Pump and a Semi-Automatic. Bother are excellently made guns and preform better than many shot guns. Since Shot Guns are often used by Wolf spiders on Policing or guard duty, the need for a full automatic shot gun has never really existed.

Arachnos Shot Gun Mk II

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