Crab Spider Armour

Grey Minor Power armour Suit


This complicated suit is also Minor power armour.

Cost per unit: $5,721,350
Height: 214 cm
Weight: 131.5 kg
AR: 17
SDC: 325

Basic Humanoid – Reinforced
Super-Solar-Electrical Engine
Humanoid Legs Spd. 25
Two humanoid arms: PS 24
Four Arms with weapon hands
Wide band Radio Transmitter and Receiver
Passive Night sight system
Forearm Blades [one per Arm] 1d6 + 9
4 Ion Hand blasters Damage: 3D6 Range: 210 m
Pressurized Cabin
Life-support system


Originally made from plans related the the Black Scorpion’s armour when he joined. Dr. Aeon has enhanced it while trying to keep it on the cheap side. They are impressive units when dealing with normal soldiers or police, but often outclassed by experienced or powerful heroes.

Crab Spider Armour

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