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  • Acts of Khorne

    File System Activate: Server: Virtue *Subject # 587/98* *Name:* Acts of Khorne Threat Rating: Critical *Current Status:* Active *First confirmed sighting:* 10/23/ 12 *Report First Filed:* 10/24/12 *Report Manager:* Parker *Build:* …

  • Sakaki-san

    File System Activate: Server: Victory *Subject # 456/89* *Name:* Sakaki-san *Threat Rating:* Minor *Current Status:* Active *First confirmed sighting:* 10/12/15 *Report First Filed:* 10/13/15 *Report Manager:* Zenigata *Threat History:* …

  • Shi no Chiyo-chan

    Raped and murdered by a complete Stranger, Chiyo longed for revenge against her opresser. She cut a deal with a demon of Hell to allow for her return to the land of the living for revenge. The Demon grained her return as a member of the undead for her …

  • Princess Satire

    Princess Satire is a Supervillian originally form another reality. Any talk about her pass life will involve her deep love with someone name Mr. J and the horrible action of Harlot names Quinn. She is likely insane, and she loves to burn things.

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