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  • Freedom Phalanx

    [[File:630257 | class=media-item-align-right | Emblem_V_Freedom_Phalanx_01.png]]h3. Overview The Freedom Phalanx is a signature hero group led by Statesman. h3. History The Freedom Phalanx was founded on July 4, 1932. The founding members …

  • Vindicators

    h3. Overview [[File:630262 | class=media-item-align-right | Emblem_V_Vindicators_01.png]] The Vindicators are a hero group led by Ms. Liberty. They can often be found with Longbow fighting Arachnos in the Rogue Isles. h3. History The …


    W.I.S.D.O.M. is an Asian-American hero group led by Foreshadow currently Based out of Paragon City. Members •Foreshadow •Mirror Spirit •Rose Star •Spark Blade

  • Shining Stars

    A number of Heroes that are often found guiding new years looking for guidance after their basic training by the city. h3. Members Twinshot Grym Proton Dillo Flambeaux

  • Order of the White Raven

    Order of the White Raven is a supergroup of heroes, that fight crime in Paragon City. They are based out of King's Row where they took over an abandoned 5th Column base barred deep underground. Quite honestly it more of social club of friends, since most …

  • Legion of Evil

    The Legion of Evil is a group of Supervillians that seem to support each other when needed, but otherwise don't seem to heist together. They have broken team mates out of holding areas and the like proving that they at least have a good information …

  • Valkyries of War

    The Valkyries of War are a highly trained special missions group of Mercenaries. they are often considered a supergroup because of their members and the fact they are offically based in the Rogue Isles. they have been linked to some very grey activaties …

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