5th Column



Formed in 1938 by the fascists Requiem, Vandal and Nosferatu, the 5th Column is an organization that has gone through a great deal of change. From their early days fighting the First Hero Brigade to their rebirth during the Rikti Invasion, they have always been one of the most insidious threats in Paragon City. It’s truly ironic that their biggest defeat was at the hands of enemies from within. The Center and his Council cronies beat the 5th Column at their own game, or so it would appear. Not all the loyalists were subsumed by the Council’s takeover, and it’s only a matter of time before a strong leader brings the 5th Column back to power.


Before they were taken over by the Council, The Fifth Column stood as the last remaining threat from World War II, a group of super powered fascists still fighting a war the rest of the world left behind fifty years ago. The Fifth Column has the nefarious distinction of actually triggering the United States’ involvement in the war against Nazi Germany. Hitler first sent the covert super team to Paragon City in 1939, tasked with spying on and sabotaging US shipping and naval development.

In 1941, as the navy’s Atlantic Fleet mustered in Paragon Harbor with a convoy of supply vessels destined for England, the Fifth Column struck. The attack force destroyed dozens of ships and injured thousands before they withdrew into hiding. The Nazi spies spent the rest of the war wreaking havoc up and down the Eastern seaboard, fighting countless skirmishes with America’s own heroes. Under the leadership of the ruthless and deadly Requiem, the Fifth Column killed hundreds and cost the US millions in war materials. In the closing months of the war they became desperate and careless, and heroes like The Statesman brought most of the covert cadre to justice.

Under the leadership of its founder and former leader Requiem, they spent the next several decades building its resources and power base. There is some evidence that the group helped incite social discord and fostered criminal groups across the country. These activities provided the Fifth Column with a continual supply of new recruits and funds for research.
It is only in the months after the end of the Rikti Invasion, that the Fifth Column resurfaced. An individual claiming the name and authority of the war criminal Requiem appeared to be in charge and may in fact be the same person who originally led the group. He has declared all out war on the United States and Paragon City in particular. The group operates out of underground bases and safe houses secreted throughout the city. Thus far, attacks have generally been aimed at frightening the population and disrupting the city’s infrastructure. Captured Fifth Column soldiers have revealed little about their organization’s plans except that Requiem has only begun to unfold his intentions for the city.

Current rumors are circulating that the 5th Column will rise again. Even if this was true, under whose leadership will it be?

5th Column

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