Built upon the notion that only the fittest should survive, Arachnos was formed in the early part of the 20th century in Italy. Altough the true history of Arachnos remains shrouded, this organization was around long before “Il Recluso” wrested power away from its original founder, “The Weaver”. It remains unclear exactly how Lord Recluse took over the global network of Arachnos, though betrayal and murder surely played a role. After taking over, Recluse subtly shifted Arachnos’ priorities and interests to better suit his own ideological goals and now rules the Rogue Isles from the center of his web of power.

This villain group of dark origins resides today more or less permanently in the Rogue Isles where it serves as both Military and Security for the nation and is the personal tool of Lord Recluse in his neverending fight with Statesman. Having sub-divisions of specialists, immense resources and no few powerful villains in his ranks, Arachnos can be considered a true army. Despite its immense power (or perhaps because of it), life in Arachnos is not easy and the fights between the different inner factions seem to be something relatively common. Arachnos only believes in the survival of the fittest and is not friendly towards costumed villains. Sometimes allied and mostly hostile to villains, this villain group can be found in City of Villains by a player during his whole career. Arachnos soldiers feel even less love for heroes, and will attack them on sight.


Built upon the notion that only the fittest should survive, Arachnos was formed in the early part of the 20th Century in Italy. Although the true history of Arachnos remains shrouded, this organization was around long before “Il Recluso” wrested power away from its original founder, “The Weaver”. It remains unclear exactly how Lord Recluse took over the global network of Arachnos though betrayal and murder surely played a role. After taking over, Recluse subtly shifted Arachnos’s priorities and interests to better suit his own ideological goals.

After ruling Arachnos for many years, Recluse went underground to weave his web of deceit before eventually emerging as the “legitimate” leader of the Rogue Isles. Now he controls the Isles and is, technically at least, considered a political figure—though he privately relishes the rare times he’s able to get blood on his hands. Ruling a nation has allowed Lord Recluse to create armed forces, purchase military hardware, and even research alien technology. Covertly, his agents have spread throughout the world, he has spies or contacts in every major “villain group,” and Paragon City is the juicy fly wiggling at the fringe of his growing web. Recluse will not rest until he has wrested the City of Heroes from Statesman’s grasp.

Lord Recluse now rules Arachnos with an iron fist demanding blind loyalty and unswerving devotion from those who survive long enough to serve him. Under his guidance, Arachnos has become a multi-faceted and deadly group.

While Arachnos agents will ignore minor infractions, major crimes draw immediate action. In the eyes of Lord Recluse, anyone reckless enough to commit murder, grand larceny, or acts of mass destruction is either uncontrollable or powerful enough that he wants to control them directly. Woe to the Arachnos agent that crosses the line far enough to bring the dreaded Arachnos Arbiters into the matter.

Outside the extensive military organization, every island has a civilian Governor and a military Marshal. The Governor decides the island’s domestic affairs while the Marshal rules all matters of security and defense. In a dispute, the Marshal has seniority. Both are appointed directly by Lord Recluse. Failure is not tolerated, and turnover is quite high, particularly among the Governors.

Today Lord Recluse is a tyrant, ruling all of Arachnos in order to maintain tight control over the Rogue Isles. As he protects his territory from the meddling of Longbow and other do-gooders from Paragon City, Recluse also prides himself in being one step ahead of Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx as he continues to weave his intricate web. His greatest inroad into the city however was leveraging his way into Paragon by helping rebuilding Galaxy City, thus establishing a ligitment base for Arachnos to work out of, by offering a more human face to Arachnos.

Arachnos’ advanced and somewhat futuristic technology is put down to a menagerie of scientists, mad and otherwise, the dreaded Arbiters inventions, such as the Power Mace, and the enigmatic Orb Weavers, who create drones and robots such as the Arachnobots.

Major members of Arachnos

Arbiter Sands

Arbiter Sands is considered a somewhat unconventional member of the Arachnos Arbiter Corps. Though still completely dedicated to the will of Lord Recluse, Sands is known for using unusual and effective tactics. His status as an Arbiter makes him untouchable within Arachnos, for to harm an Arbiter is to attack the will of Lord Recluse himself…

Night Widow Nocturne

The Night Widows serve Arachnos as elite assassins and spies. It is whispered among their murderous ranks that a Night Widow code-named Nocturne may be the deadliest operative Arachnos has ever produced. No living soul knows any details of her history, just rumors of her ruthlessness and tales of her many victims. Some suspect that her only weakness might be her arrogant pride, but none have survived to exploit it.


As an Arachnos Fortunata, it is Kalinda’s task to keep an eye on all new arrivals to Mercy Island. That doesn’t mean she’s on their side. She is evaluating each new resident for signs of greatness, and for signs of weakness. Kalinda can set you on the path to greatness, or she can make sure you’re never heard from again. There are only two things she believes in: the glory of Arachnos, and the survival of the fittest.

Dr. Aeon

An unethical scientific genius, Dr. Aeon is not a man to be trifled with. Some think he may soon become a major player within Arachnos, assuming he survives the plans of his enemies.

Dr. Quatrexin

The original inventor of the Black Scorpion armor has made some improvements in his latest re-design. He may not be as skilled in the suit as Black Scorpion himself, but he’s still an extremely lethal combatant.


Barracuda, a former treasure hunter, Kelli Forston was infected by mysterious creatures known as the Coralax. What she found in the briny deep remains a mystery, but it turned her heart as dark and cold as the depths. In combat, she is almost as quick and savage as her bloodthirtsy mentor, Captain Mako.

Ice Mistral

Irena Rudenko was chosen by one of the Monks of the Four Winds to become the Ice Mistral. receiving the power changed her; she retained the icy-cold aloofness and desire for mastery of the wing, but none of the control. Her own rage overrode the honor normally imbued to the Knights of the Wind and she went on a mad killing spree. Scirocco took her under his wing to protect her from the Monks – many of which have fallen trying to reclaim their lost power.

Silver Mantis

Tamura Shirai is fascinated with the smooth, sleek feel of metal. Funding the augmentation of her body to pure metal was an expensive proposition, however, so she tuned to crime. During one of her robberies, she encountered Black Scorpion, on a job for Lord Recluse. Tamura realized an opportunity when she saw it, and rather than fighting with Arachnos over the ill-gotten loot, formed an alliance that has lasted unto this day.


A twisted wreck of a human being, Wretch was horribly mutated in the same incident that slew Ghost Widow. He remains her loyal guardian and protector, using his immense strength and savage fury to protect her from all harm.

Magus Mu’Drakhan

Magus Mu’Drakhan is a leading figure among the growing ranks of mystic working under the banner of Arachnos who trace their lineage to the ancient civilization know as Mu. Mu’Drakhan’s main interests lie both in expanding his already formidable arcane power, and uncovering the history of the lost civilization of Mu. He also holds a bitter anger at the Circle of Thorns, who draw their magical powers from the mystic secrets of Oranbega, the ancient enemy of Mu. Some whisper that he may be more loyal to his ancient bloodlines than to Arachnos, but such whispers are often quickly silenced.

Regent Korol

Regent Korol is one of the few Fortunatas that have chosen to devote themselves fully to Arachnos by becoming powerful Tarantula Queens. Through the process, she gained immense psychic abilities, which she uses to protect Arachnos from infiltration.

Shadow Spider

Shadow Spider began her career as a Knife of Artemis, specializing in infiltration and intelligence jobs that no one else thought possible. Now working with Arachnos, Shadow Spider acts friendly and nice, and is usually very good to her people, but can turn cold as ice and hard as steel when she needs to be.


Viridian is a very dangerous man who works subtle deals that can change the course of world history. The core of his job is influencing other villain groups through manipulation, sabotage, deal brokering, or collaboration, as it suits the needs of Arachnos. There is some rivalry between his organization of manipulators and Shadow Spider’s spies, but both know that they can only suceed at their job with the help of the other.

Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion is a man encased in a large, bulky suit of high-tech battle armor. Huge and menacing, the armor is equipped with a functioning scorpion-like tail on the backside, and the right arm ends in an intimidating blaster cannon.

Captain Mako

Gideon Ray is a savage Mutant who has evolved into what only can be described as a humanoid shark. His acts are even more terrible than his appearance, and few foes are even identifiable once Captain Mako is through with them. Mako is responsible for the death of Sharkhead Isle’s most famous hero, Scrapyard.

Ghost Widow

Beautiful, mysterious, and deadly. Ghost Widow appears to be an actual spirit from beyond the grave rather than a super with some sort of incorporeal power. Some have said she was once a rising star in the Night Widows when she was slain. Her thirst for vengeance must have been great, for she returned from the void and now serves at Recluse’s side. There are rumors that her service isn’t entirely voluntary, however.


Imad Malak was not always an evil man. Evil came to him from without. He was traveling in the deep desert near the Baka Valley deep in the Middle East. There he discovered an ancient tomb and stumbled inside. The tomb was that of a long-dead desert hero, and contained several objects of power including the bottle of the djinn Serafina. Also within was the hero’s scimitar that granted the weilder incredible powers. Malak took the sword and donned the mantle of Scirocco. Unforunately, he fell under a curse and was driven to commit acts of great evil. He sold the other objects off to the highest bidder, the bottle ending up with the Circle of Thorns. Once a hero of the people, he is now a dark stain on their proud heritage. Imad wishes nothing more than to find some way to rid himself of the curse and find redemption.

Lord Recluse

The Master of Evil, the Count of Cruel, the Archvillain of Anarchy. Lord Recluse has been called many things. But the people of the Rogue Isles know him as their lord and ruler. Lord Recluse has a mysterious tie with Paragon City’s own Statesman – some even claim they were once close companions. Their hatred for one another certainly belies a secret perhaps best left buried.


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