Freedom Corps

Freedom_Corp.pngFreedom Corps is one of the main hero organizations in Paragon City. Freedom Corps was started by Statesman and Miss Liberty (the mother of Ms. Liberty) to facilitate communication and coordination between Paragon City’s new heroes. The Freedom Corps headquarters is located in Galaxy City near Back Alley Brawler and contains some initial Contacts for heroes. Since it is private and non-profit, it isn’t a branch of any of the US Government origination, however, the military arm is often lent to certain Government actions, in the past these have often included action against Arachnos.

Freedom Corps Superpowered Field Trainer There are Freedom Corps superpowered field trainers in Atlas Park and Kings Row, and Freedom Corps stores in most city zones supplying mundane items at a fair price to super-heros. Freedom Corps is very similar to Hero Corps, but they do not charge for their services.

In 2005, when asked “I’ve never fully trusted Hero Corps. Are we, the heroes of Paragon, actually employees of this company? Are you?”, Statesman replied “Hero Corps is a private company who hires super powered beings out to the highest bidder. That’s the reason why I formed the Freedom Corps – to counterbalance this.”

Ms. Liberty started and currently leads a military division of Freedom Corps named Longbow.

Freedom Corps

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