House Rules and Races

The Following are the House Rules

Ninja and Superspies and Mystic China are also allowed but people with superpowers can’t learn Martial Arts at intense level because their abilities short step it [Also Game Balance]
All the OCC within count as special training and other than dedicated and worldly martial artist, required GM permission.

Cost of education are 250 % more for non-university and 400% for university

Wages in particular the ones listed in the organization page are also 250% greater. Starting money however isn’t increase and neither are budgets [They are scaled already] replacement parts however once game has started might be 150% to 300% more, depending what is needed.


There is a skill spreadsheet for the game that lists all the skills in Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas and Supespies and Mystic China, the the case of duplication the values of Heroes Unlimited were use a handful of very spicific skills were removed from Ninjas and Super Spies because the over-complicated aspects of Electronics and really sho the age of the product.

Alien Races


Extra-dimensional races

Black Orc

House Rules and Races

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