Shadow Shard


We’re not in Kansas anymore.

The Shadow Shard is an alternate dimension permanently linked to by Portal Corporation. It is called the Shadow Shard because among its inhabitants are many that appear as shadows of familiar enemies from the main dimension (where Paragon City and the Rogue Isles are located).

The Shard is a world of islands and rocks floating in a strange-colored sky. Humans from the main dimension have begun to explore the zone, and have set up bases of varying sizes across the shard.

The Shard is made up of four different zones, beginning with Firebase Zulu, and progressing through Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and The Storm Palace. All are hazard or trial zones. There is a hospital that is located in Firebase Zulu, in addition to a Reconnaissance Officer, who gives information on the whole Shadow Shard.

Enemies across the Shard include natives like the Shadow Shard Reflections, Soldiers of Rularuu, Storm Elementals, and visitors from the human dimension such as the Circle of Thorns, Crey and Nemesis.

Effects within the Shadow Shard

One interesting effect present everywhere within the Shadow Shard is that gravity is “different”, meaning that a fall of any distance will not damage the player in any way.

If a character falls off an island, he will fall to the bottom of the zone and then be teleported back to a safe place on the first island in the zone (the one with the teleport gateway back to Zulu or, in Zulu, Firebase Zulu itself). This can be frustrating to players who are attempting to get to a destination via gravity geyser and miss. However, it can be advantageous as well, offering a convenient route back to Firebase Zulu and hence Paragon City—as well as a handy way to escape enemy encounters that are going poorly.

Non-flying enemies that fall over the side of an island are never seen again. They are not defeated so do not provide xp or badge credit; they just vanish.

Shadow Shard

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