Siren's Call

Randall the Cunning wasn’t a very good pirate. He’d been driven off and repelled at sea over a dozen times, and had never taken a good prize in his decade-long career in and around the Rogue Isles. But he was clever. And mean. When the French cracked down on the pirates of the isles, Randall headed inland. On the northeastern shores of what would later become Paragon City, the pirate found a small village called Fossburg. Randall hid his ship and pretended to be a captain of the “Colonial Coastal Defences.” His men were his crew, and the “Captain” said he’d been sent to erect a lighthouse along Fossburg’s dangerous shoals. The locals shrugged, put their backs into it, and created a lighthouse exactly where Randall told them to.

Randall had been trained as an engineer and did in fact know what he was doing. But the lighthouse wasn’t designed to steer ships clear of the rocks—it was designed to lure them onto it from the larger cities across the bay.

After many a terrible wreck, the villagers finally caught on to the ruse. Randall’s crew was captured and hanged. Randall himself escaped, along with most of his treasure, and was never seen again.

Fossburg was ever after called Siren’s Call, after the sirens of Greek myth that lured ships to their doom. Its name was officially changed when the area was incorporated into Paragon City decades later.

Sunburst and the Aeon Bomb

In 2004, a large area was demolished by a massive blast. A relatively new hero known as Sunburst chased a small-time crook out to the docks. The crook stole a small boat and Sunburst pursued. The hero had often had trouble controlling his incredible powers, and according to witnesses on the Gazdul oil rig, literally went supernova and exploded while trying to stop the thief’s boat.

A tragedy to be sure, but since then, villains from the Rogue Isles have been trickling in. There are far worse dangers confronting the good people of Paragon right now, however, so repairing the War Walls has been given low priority. Or perhaps, as some in the press have theorized, it is all a clever trap to lure in the worst of Lord Recluse’s minions.

In May of 2014, most of the damage in this area has been repaired and the flow of Arachnos in the area has stopped. however the Tsoo and Sky raiders still war over turf in the area.

Siren's Call

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