Terra Volta

As Paragon City expanded in the 1950s, its power needs continued to grow. The city’s forward-thinking planners conceived of a plan to provide efficient energy to meet the city’s projected growth well into the next century.

Construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1959. The first super villain attack occurred 14 hours after the Terra Volta plant went online. The entire project had been plagued and delayed by interference from super villains, setting a precendent of sorts which would be continued throughout Terra Volta’s entire history of operation.

Beset from all sides, the city’s Heroes and the selfless efforts of its municipal workers are the only force that can keep the Terra volta complex from falling completely under the near-constant attack from multiple villain groups. Meanwhile, the aging reactor continues to pour out power to keep the city running.

In May of 2013, the Freedom Corps established a base of operation in Terra Volta strong enough to repel most super-villains. since then the attacks on the reactor have grown to be a handful a year. the reactor has been repaired and renovated as well. and will be providing power for many years to come.

Terra Volta

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