Valkyries of War

The Valkyries of War are a highly trained special missions group of Mercenaries. they are often considered a supergroup because of their members and the fact they are offically based in the Rogue Isles. they have been linked to some very grey activaties and maybe have been hired of some CIA missions for pay. As such they are one of the few supergroups with a force of conventional armed forces of any real size.

The conventional fighting force is a Battalion in size of 450 men.

It is structured as follows:

Commanding officer (CO) Colonel Castlestone
Second-in-command (2i/c) Lieutenant Colonel Bloodclaw
Adjutant (captain)
Quartermaster (QM) (major)
Quartermaster (technical) (QM)
Medical officer (MO)
Administrative officer (AO)
Intelligence officer (IO) (lieutenant)
Signals officer (SO) (lieutenant)
Regimental sergeant major (RSM) (warrant officer class 1)
Regimental quartermaster sergeant (RQMS) (warrant officer class 2)
Regimental quartermaster sergeant (technical) (RQMS) (warrant officer class 2)

As Commander of the force, often known as Lady Castlestone is British the forces system is British in design. the special forces unit/super being unit is a seprate Platoon from the rest of the force and often opreates at the squad or fire team level.

Members of the Unit are as follows:

Mistress Bloodclaw

Valkyries of War

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