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  • Mistress Temptation

    File System Activate: Server: Victory *Subject # 178/78* *Name:* Mistress Temptation *Threat Rating:* 20% *Current Status:* Active *First confirmed sighting:* May 26th, 2016 *Report First Filed:* May 28th, 2016 *Report Manager:* …

  • Raji Tiger

    released from an ancient bottle by the Circle of Thorns, he destroyed his releasers and is not trying to figure how to adapt to this new world. He is unsure of his place, he isn't even sure if this is the world he visited before.

  • Satan's Drinking Bud

    A demon name Judith has been Satan's Drinking Bud. However in the last five years a combination of Satan's Wife, Reality TV and Bush being President has cause Satan to be so busy that Satan has completely forgotten about his long time friend. As such …

  • Akuma Kurenai

    Kurenai is the the brother of Akuma Tsubaki, While her powers are over Ice, Kurenai are over fire and flame. He also has the Temper to match his element's fury and distructiveness. he is here helping to the Koga because of an Acinent

  • Akuma Tsubaki

    Tsubaki is an Oni no Koori, Who has joined the Koga Clan with her brother Kurenai for reasons of their own. What ever their true objectives there help to the Koga Clan on their current endever has been most welcome

  • Ranningon

    Famous for his line "Hi, I am a Demon, nice to meet you!" Ranningon is very polite in his encounters using his demonic nature as a threat by itself. he is polite and apologizes to his victims, occasionally after a particularly smooth crime he send thank …

  • Akuma-sama

    A Japanese Demon Clearly lost from hell, is Akuma no Oni. He has no idea who he got her and hangs with Daimyo Shi and the Rest of the Koga Clan because he speaks nothing but Japanese. He brute muscle force, something that the Koga have some use for. He …

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