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  • Koga Clan

    h3. Kōga-ryū (甲賀流, "School of Kōga"; occasionally transliterated as "Kōka") is an ancient school of ninjutsu, according to Japanese legend. It originated from the region of Kōga (modern Kōka City in Shiga Prefecture). Members of the Koga school of …

  • Daimyo Shi

    File System Activate: Server: Virtue *Subject # 108/45* *Name:* Daimyo Shi *Threat Rating:* Major *Current Status:* ACTIVE *First confirmed sighting:* March 22nd, 2014 *Report First Filed:* March 29th, 2014 *Report Manager:* Zenigata *Build …

  • Akuma Kurenai

    Kurenai is the the brother of Akuma Tsubaki, While her powers are over Ice, Kurenai are over fire and flame. He also has the Temper to match his element's fury and distructiveness. he is here helping to the Koga because of an Acinent

  • Akuma Tsubaki

    Tsubaki is an Oni no Koori, Who has joined the Koga Clan with her brother Kurenai for reasons of their own. What ever their true objectives there help to the Koga Clan on their current endever has been most welcome

  • Grendelle the Dark

    Follower of the Dark Side, Grendelle is learning the ways of the Dark Side From her [[:dark-lord-narthis | master]]. She has aready concluded that Her master's idea of Suverting Daimyo Shi's leadership is doomed and plans to betray her master to [[:daimyo …

  • Koga Kaede

    The Younger Sister of Asagi, Kaede is one of the rare magic using shinobi, as such she is a valued asset to the Clan. Within the Clan she likely the most optimistic. She sure of Daimyo Shi's Plan and joyful works towards his goals

  • Koga Kagaro

    In the Koga Clan, once every generation or so, A woman is born with the ability to secreate powerful poisons. With rare exceptions, these woman normally kill their Birth mothers which is how they are identified. Tradition names these woman Kagaro after …

  • Koga Nanaiko

    Nanaiko is a unusual member of the Koga Clan because she was not born within the Clan. She is an orphan who ran away from an abusive foster family in Tokyo. Corned by thugs, she grabbed a peice of pipe and a broom stick. and attempted to defend herself. …

  • Koga Oboro

    Koga Oboro is Daimyo Shi's youngest Sister. Like many young sisters she idolizes her older brother. She has been trained very simular to her brother and hopes to be a powerful member of the Koga Clan.

  • Koga Okai

    This shy quick woman has become Daimyo Shi Protage as of late. Few think of Japan having backwater areas at all so use to the life in Japanese Cities, there are still some fairly remote areas, Okai comes from one of these distance villages. Her scar is …

  • Akuma-sama

    A Japanese Demon Clearly lost from hell, is Akuma no Oni. He has no idea who he got her and hangs with Daimyo Shi and the Rest of the Koga Clan because he speaks nothing but Japanese. He brute muscle force, something that the Koga have some use for. He …

  • Akuma-sensei

    The master of Dark magic in the Koga, he uses his powers for the betterment of the clan. He old enough to remember the previous clan leader.

  • Koga Nabiki

    Nabiki is master with Sai, and is a master of using them defensively and offensively often disarming her foes, causing them to beg for mercy, which she occasionally grants. She is a skilled member of the Koga clan even though she really young.

  • Koga Sasuke

    A skilled archer, Sasuke seems to be well know to Daimyo Shi. he seems to be the most skilled archer in the Koga Clan, at least in the Rogue Isles and Paragon. He doesn't speak in public, communication with his Shinobi is pure hand gestures. Whether he is …

  • Mistress Shinobi

    Mistress Shinobi is a Japanese woman who delights in making men suffer pain! She also like to make sure the wounds she causes scaring so that once the pain is gone, there shall still be a reminder. he current peace with the Koga caln is unknown. but Some …

  • Natsumi Yoshi

    This unknown Shinobi has mixed Technical skills and robots in with Ninjitsu. No one is sure what to make of him but he clearly been scarred in battle. He is gruff, deals poorly with people and prefers to surround himself with natural sounds like rain and …

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