Carnival of Light - Praetoria

What follows is a summary of D.U.S.T.‘s recent investigations into the nature, organization, and threat level of the Carnival of Light. Because the Carnival’s own psycho-thaumaturgic counterintelligence measures are extensive, D-SEC chose to approach these field surveys through subtle inquiry rather than by more direct methods of interrogation. Hence, this transmission will contain some disappointingly inconclusive information.

On the surface, the Carnival of Light is a gathering of magicians, mystics, and psychics (most of them Seeker grade or above) with seemingly unlimited access to arcane or interdimensional weaponry. Perhaps most troubling, the Carnival is supported by a widespread network of mundane agents, both in First Ward and in Praetoria proper. Its membership runs the gamut from politicians and celebrities of varying notoriety to vagrants, street vendors, and even, in some cases, common house pets. It should be noted here that these agents often serve the Carnival unwittingly, carrying out orders while under psychic domination or magical influence.

The leadership of the Carnival of Light is, by all reliable accounts, purposely decentralized. However, D-SEC has identified Nadia Umwala (magician), Barnaby of All Colors (specialty unknown), and Cerulean (an attaché from the remnants of the Midnight Squad) as confirmed ringleaders of the organization. It will especially please you to know that Vanessa DeVore has been frequently spotted skirting the edges of the Free-Fire Zone. We have kill teams ready to mobilize against her on your order.

Most of the Carnival’s forces have been gathered here in the ruins of First Ward for some time. Publicly, their stated goal is “to focus on the myriad evils left behind after the Hamidon Wars, which Cole prefers to ignore,” but this heresy is too broad to provide any real insight into their current plans. They have repeatedly shown an interest in the neighborhood of Eltentown, specifically its so-called Survivor Compound. Subsequent investigations will attempt to uncover that connection.

Finally, some sources have claimed that the Carnival of Light is the true power behind the Resistance, but whether this is fact or another rumor spawned by their misinformation campaigns cannot be verified at present. What can be confirmed is that a schism has recently developed in their ranks, with a splinter group calling itself the Carnival of War appearing throughout First Ward in a much more active, militant role.

That the Empire could use this internal conflict to its advantage is unquestioned. Its similarities to the schism between Crusaders and Wardens are uncanny, and it is my most humble recommendation that we take action on it immediately. Unless given orders to the contrary, I’ll be tasking other D.U.S.T. cell commanders with creating disruptive scenarios to further widen this gap between the factions of the Carnival. Vargas out.

Carnival of Light - Praetoria

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