Nictus are Kheldians that feed off life energy, killing Peacebringers and Warshades. Nictus use Shadow Cysts as a form of life support if no host is available. If the cyst is destroyed, the Nictus will die quickly.

These aliens and their counter-parts the Kheldians are energy being that require a host to live for any length of time. as such they have very limited abilities when not in a host. The have only mental abilities without a host and can’t user their super powers. [The Mental attributes in square brackets are the energy attributes] The personalities of both being merge on a bonding. The Nictus grants a number of powers to the host as well as boosts to their attributes, it hard to say where the Nictus beings and the Host ends.

Warshades are Nictus that have turned their back on their fellow Nictus and decide to walk the path of goodness.

Alignment: Any but mostly anarchist or Miscreant.
Attributes: IQ 1D6 [3D6], ME +1D6 [4D6], MA +1D64 [4D6], PS +1D4, PP +2, PE +1D6, PB -2, SPD +1D8
Hitpoints: +1d6
SDC: +15
Height: As per Host
Weight: As per Host
Average life span: with Hosts nearly Immortal for Nictus, can extend a hosts life 1D6 x 10 years.
P.P.E.: +2d6
Super Abilities: Minor: Flight: Wingless, Iron Will, Energy Expulsion: Shadow Bolt Major: Life Leech
Familiarity with Earth: Very Familiar given that both Nictus and Kheldians existed for 5000 years.


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