Order of the Four Winds

The Order of the Four Winds appears to be a mystical group of Tibetan Monks (also known as Monks of the Four Winds), dating back unknown centuries, who are responsible for selecting chosen people to bear the Mantles of the Four Winds. Note that the Mantles include more than just the Four Winds.


Unfortunately, almost no information exists on the Order, except for a monk named Pa Soong who in 1932, contacted fourteen-year-old Devon Wilcox, who would someday become the Dark Watcher. Devon Wilcox underwent training at the temple for a year.

It is known the Monks of the Four Winds are searching for candidates to represent all of the winds of the world, and thus, the number of mantles are not known completely.

The Four Winds refers to the Cardinal Winds. There are Mantles associated with the Ordinal Winds as well.

Known Bearers

  • Borea. She has the Mantle of Boreas, the wind of the North, making her a powerful force in the Order. Why she was chosen for such an important role is a constant source of frustration for her sister. Borea herself is quite worried that her namesake was known as the “Bringer of Winter” and has sworn that she will die before using her power to any ill purpose.
  • Levantera. Possessing the Mantle of Levanter, Levantera along with her sister Borea lead the Shield, the division of Vanguard tasked with protecting the city and its people from the Rikti.
  • Ice Mistral. It is not known what her Mantle is called, however, it gives her ice powers. The powers may have been too great for Irena Rudenko, as her own inner rage consumed her control, and twisted her personality against the Monks, many of whom she killed. Scirocco took her in, and since then, both are within the organization of Arachnos.

Order of the Four Winds

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