Peregrine Island

Off the coast of Talos Island, only accessible by ferry, lies Peregrine Island, the home of the Portal Corporation. The Portal Corporation created the teleportation technology behind the Medcom patch that rescues Heroes when they are downed, and the police bots that patrol the city.

The island itself is crawling with Carnival, Nemesis, and Malta thugs, each attempting to assert their authority over the area, while Rikti hunting parties try to extend their influence. The Circle of Thorns prey upon the Portal scientists because of their desire to dominate other dimensions, and the rooftops house Crey snipers who enforce their jurisdiction upon unwary Heroes.

The center of the island is dominated by the Portal Corporation facility, where three massive portals connect to a myriad of alternate dimensions, each of which requires Heroes to enter and police activities on the other side to defend Paragon City. Surrounding this facility are a number of high-tech firms that support the residents of this area, as well as Portal Corp itself.

On the outskirts of the zone, there are two large island clusters, one of which contains an abandoned facility, almost as if used for genetic experimentation. The Rikti have overrun this cluster and Rikti Monkeys swarm the cluster in its entirety. The other has been claimed by the Devouring Earth, and massive monsters patrol its shores, protecting it from intruders.

Peregrine Island

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