Perez Park

Not all of the zones in Paragon City are equal and safely regulated. Because of the large number of villains and marked lack of heroes, certain areas are filled with hazards. Unfortunately, the beautiful Perez Park is one such place. Nestled near the center of the city, the park borders Atlas Park to the East, and Kings Row to the West. Also connected to this paradise lost is Skyway City to the South and Steel Canyon to the North.

Perez Park was once an idyllic retreat from hectic city life and home to many areas where families would picnic or simply relax in the sun. Tree-lined walkways meandered through the park and were often populated by couples taking romantic evening strolls. The Gaiman Amphitheatre showcased outdoor performances (including those by the acclaimed ‘Paragon City Players’). Turner Lake provided a lovely splash of cool blue water, while the nearby Bendis Lake House was popular among the crowds for their famous burgers.

Recently, the previous tranquility of the area has been shattered. Perez Park is now infested with many different villains-all with varying agendas. Not only has the area become a favored spot for the dark rituals performed by The Circle of Thorns, but Vahzilok, the Clockworks and others are often spotted there. The biggest problem the park has, however, is that it’s become a hotbed of the gang wars in Paragon City.

Two groups of thugs, the Hellions and the Skulls, have focused their conflicts here. Both of these gangs are connected to more powerful organizations, but no one has been able to conclusively determine their benefactors. One thing’s for certain, though; anyone caught in Perez Park at the wrong time is likely to get caught between these two vicious groups during one of their many skirmishes. renew efforts are not being made and the non-park areas have been made much safer, the park remains however a battle ground for Gangs.

Perez Park is a clear indicator that new heroes are needed now more than ever in the City of Heroes.

Perez Park

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